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About Me

Strategist, FinTech Influencer, Writer, Speaker

Currently, I'm a Lead Principal Consultant at Backbase. Most recently, I was Managing Principal at EPAM Systems’ Financial Services Consulting practice. Previously, I served as Chief Strategy Officer at and Extractable. I have 28 years of experience in banking much of it in strategy. 

I've been named to several industry influencer lists in the areas of FinTech, RegTech, Blockchain, InsurTech, Innovation, and Digital Marketing. 

I've been published by The Financial Brand, Finovate, Finextra, Payments Journal, and Credit Union Times. I've been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, The Financial Brand, the American Banker and the Boston Business Journal.

I regularly speak at industry events, including The New York Times DealBook Summit 2023, Money 2020 USA, Finovate,  and various webinars and podcasts.

Alex presenting at the Money 2020 conference


Alex is on my short list of bankers whose opinion I seek regularly in this quickly evolving era of digital disruption. He not only understands banking from the inside out, he also has the ability to think from the outside in. He considers both secular and external trends to create valuable perspectives on a rapidly changing industry.

As the financial industry is in a state of transformation, many bankers are casual observers to the changes that are occurring. Alex is not one of these bankers. Instead, Alex has been an active participant, introducing innovations to the organizations he has been involved with and continuously seeking insight from the best organizations leaders in the world who are making a difference. Alex refuses to accept the status quo, with an inquisitive mind and a firm grasp of the opportunities and challenges in the financial services industry. Not taking the easy route, Alex continually is engaged in some of the most important conversations taking place in our industry, providing himself a deeper strategic understanding of what will help an organization succeed in the future.

Jim Marous, Financial Industry Publisher, Global Speaker, Podcast Host and Co-Publisher at The Financial Brand

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex at our startup,, as well as at Extractable. He is a dependable partner and collaborator, always eager and willing to share his vast knowledge with the team. Alex is the voice of reason that is so often needed when working on a tough or nebulous project — bringing us down to earth and guiding the team to focus on what matters most. Equally, he does it all with a laugh, and a candor that is rare for strategists with his level of experience. Anyone would be lucky to be on his team.

Alex and I were two of the original members of the Consumer Bankers Association's Digital Channels Committee. Over the years, he became one of my favorite people to interact with. He has a clear command of Financial Services and a vision for how Digital can and should change it. Alex has a plethora of knowledge on a broad range of Digital topics. He knows vendors, payments, Social Media, Mobile, Customer Service, design--you name it! He's always willing to share what he knows to up the game of those around him, and he soaks up new information like a sponge! Alex is articulate, passionate, direct and fun.

Allison Paine Landers, Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Banking & Lending at UBS

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